Welcome to Run N’ Gun Basketball School for advanced, intermediate, and beginner basketball players who want to take their game to the next level. Coach “Posty” will utilize his coaching experience (14+ years), knowledge, and expertise through each personalized session. Each session targets the needs of the player and their current coach to quickly increase skill sets.

The Basics

Run N’ Gun uses state of the art training equipment and concepts which includes “The Gun 6000.” The Gun allows advanced (high school/college) players to shoot up to 20 three point shots in a minute. Or approximately 300 shots in a 25 minute workout!!! For the begening and novice players, coach Posty combines his knowledge and experience with teaching tools to help your son or daughter improve their game tremendously.

Each session will include a personalized workout focused on the athlete’s current offensive needs, increasing confidence and skill for the next level. Sessions can be focused to train advanced players trying to improve shooting percentage (300+ shots per session) or beginners who are new to basketball. Each player will receive a great opportunity to better themselves and have an honest assessment of their current skill sets. For several players, Coach Posty has success helping athletes reach their dreams of playing basketball professionally overseas and at the collegiate level.

Each session is approximately 25 minutes long and costs $20 per session. The first session is free! This allows you and your child the opportunity to discover if Run N’ Gun is the correct tool for advancing your child as a basketball player. The sessions take place in a 1/2 court, indoor, wood floor, gym on the border of Irvine and Lake Forest. To schedule a session, please contact Coach Jeff Postlmayr or Coach “Posty.” Contact information at the bottom.

Session Details

Advanced – Players at the Collegiate or Varsity Level:

Coach Postlmayr is the only private training coach who owns their own Gun 6000. Having this machine allows advanced players to come in and shoot 300-600 shots per session and keep track of percentages. Sessions focuses on different types of shots, increasing 3-pt distance, improving shooting quickness, and most importantly strengthening shooting percentages. Get results quickly!

Intermediate – Players Wanting to Jump to the Next Level:

Players who are looking for an edge over their competition usually have success through Run N’ Gun sessions. Coach Posty builds each unique session to focus on giving the player the knowledge, tools, and skills to increase their abilities and compete for more playing time. Each player is encouraged and pushed to reach their potential and aggressively pursue their basketball goals and dreams.

Beginner – New & Young Players Learning the Fundamentals:

The focus for young, new basketball players includes the development of proper form and technique. The sooner the player has correct technique the quicker they will be able to reach their potential. Working from the ground (footwork) up, Coach Posty will teach fundamentals such as layups, dribbling, attacking, shooting, free-throws, and defense.

Contact Information Below

Contact Info

Coach Jeff Postlmayr

Mobile: (949) 648-2110

Fax: (949) 768-3768

Email: jeff@postlmayr.com

Gymnasium Address

10 Holland

Irvine, CA 92618

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